Foreign Patients



Centro Medico Barrancas is one of the most prestigious and well-known institutions devoted to plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic dermatology. We have a top-notch staff of plastic surgeons and dermatologists who specialized in reconstructive treatments, hair transplants, dermatological and cosmetic procedures.



  • Financial benefits relative to the currency exchange.
  • The highest level of professionalism in using the latest technology.
  • Inmediate response to any questions or inquiries by e-mail, phone or Skype.
  • Favorable booking of hotel or accommodation options.
  • Complete information prior to your trip.
  • Transfer from the airport to the Clinic or Hotel.
  • Complete information prior to your trip.
  • Non-invasive treatments, restorative and cosmetic surgeries.
  • Constant evolution of Methods and technologies.
  • Recognized international experience that will make you feel confortable in choosing
    our Clinic.

If you want our physicians to get in touch with you, please send us your personal information and you will clear all your doubts and queries. As we provide personalized attention, please fill in the contact form and we will advice you immediately.